The AMAL Carburetter Company, (Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd), the world’s sole manufacturers of all genuine new AMAL Carburetters and spares, are pleased to announce to our trade customers the reintroduction of the 375 Monobloc Carburetter.

The new 375 Carburetters are made from Aluminium and come with “Stay-up” Floats and forged alloy hard anodised Throttle Slides as standard.

A new feature is the re-designed bottom Jet Nut sealing arrangement intended to stop leaks from the bottom of the Carburetter. The Carburetters have undergone a lengthy testing programme and are direct replacements for worn out originals.

3 sizes are available; 25/32”, 13/16” and 7/8” and the .1055” Needle Jet originally used by many of these Carburetters has also been re-introduced to complement them.

375 Carburetters were standard fitments on some of the most popular bikes of the 50's and 60's such as the Triumph 5TA, 3TA and Cub, the BSA Bantam and C15 and the Ariel Arrow.

New Features:
• Lightweight Aluminium body for improved performance and durability
• Re-designed Main Jet Cover Nut and Jet Holder to reduce leaks
• Hard Anodised Throttle Slide
• “Stay-up” Float”

These products are available from the AMAL website, directly from the AMAL Carburetter Company via telephone on 01722 412500 or by email at