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Burlen Ltd are world renowned for their specialist engineering and manufacturing of classic vehicle fuel systems and components. Expanding on our successful business is a key part of our future vision, with a commitment to heritage products whilst also expanding into new technologies.

Following significant investment into the latest technology and machinery, we are now looking for the right person to lead our busy machine shop and take it to the next level; a manager who is committed to the success of our investment by helping us achieve our ambitions.

The role focuses on managing workflow through the machine shop, programming, organising our team of operators and maintaining machinery effectiveness.Candidates will be able to show that they have significant experience in managing similar environments and will be able to work with other departments to excel in providing the right solutions for both busy production lines and complex, unique R&D projects.

An in depth understanding of CNC programming and operating is essential and the candidate will be able to show, through qualifications or prior experience, that they are able to confidently apply their abilities to further improve our production capability and capacity.

Those able to show they have a solid understanding of the Siemens operating system and DMG machinery would be at a distinct advantage and previous work with, or knowledge of, other processes such as laser cutting and sheet metalwork would be of interest.

In addition to the above, prior experience or knowledge of additive manufacturing techniques would also be highly advantageous to an applicant. A fantastic opportunity to join a thriving business at a really exciting moment in its broad and interesting history.

Generous holiday entitlement, company pension and death in service schemes included. Salary £40,000 – 50,000 a year depending on experience/ability. Interested parties should forward a covering letter explaining why they believe they would be suitable, together with their CV to cate.leney@burlen.co.uk . Please include ‘MACHINE SHOP’ as the email subject to avoid becoming junk mail! New applications will not be considered once we have filled the position! 

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The 77th Goodwood Members meetings is almost upon us and once again we will be attending the event. Our stand is located in the chicane shopping area near the bonhams auction where staff will be on hand to help with all your carburetion queries. In addition we will have a range of our caps for sale at the event.


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We will be attending the Goodwood Members meeting this weekend with Carbs & Caps on our stand (near Bonhams) and technical staff on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

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We are happy to announce that we are now stocking Goodridge brakeline kits!

Goodridge stainless steel brake line kits are available to suit a wide variety of cars. The kits feature the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner with a stainless steel outerbraid. This eliminates the spongy feel under arduous conditions, giving greater braking efficiency as well as providing superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Please use the link below to see the available kits:


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New 375 Monoblocs

05/06/2014 14:05

The AMAL Carburetter Company, (Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd), the world’s sole manufacturers of all genuine new AMAL Carburetters and spares, are pleased to announce to our trade customers the reintroduction of the 375 Monobloc Carburetter.

The new 375 Carburetters are made from Aluminium and come with “Stay-up” Floats and forged alloy hard anodised Throttle Slides as standard.

A new feature is the re-designed bottom Jet Nut sealing arrangement intended to stop leaks from the bottom of the Carburetter. The Carburetters have undergone a lengthy testing programme and are direct replacements for worn out originals.

3 sizes are available; 25/32”, 13/16” and 7/8” and the .1055” Needle Jet originally used by many of these Carburetters has also been re-introduced to complement them.

375 Carburetters were standard fitments on some of the most popular bikes of the 50's and 60's such as the Triumph 5TA, 3TA and Cub, the BSA Bantam and C15 and the Ariel Arrow.

New Features:
• Lightweight Aluminium body for improved performance and durability
• Re-designed Main Jet Cover Nut and Jet Holder to reduce leaks
• Hard Anodised Throttle Slide
• “Stay-up” Float”

These products are available from the AMAL website www.amalcarb.co.uk, directly from the AMAL Carburetter Company via telephone on 01722 412500 or by email at info@amalcarb.co.uk

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Pre War Prescott 2014

05/06/2014 13:55

Once again we’re digging out the picnic hampers and cloudy lemonade in anticipation of the 2014 Pre-War Prescott event to be held on 19th July at the very scenic Prescott Speed Hill Climb venue.  We’ll be there again, as sponsors, with our hospitality tent and period vehicles including the Triangle Skinner Special which will be demonstrated yet again by our very enthusiastic staff!  With SU Carburetters fitted to so many of the Pre-War cars in attendance it just makes sense to be there to meet and greet the owners and offer words of wisdom if needed.  Head on down to http://www.prewarprescott.com/ to get booked in and secure the very unique opportunity to drive this historic venue in a relaxed, untimed manner in your road going Pre-War car.

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We regret to announce the recent death of Mike Cullen, a founding member of Burlen. Mike left the company in the mid 1980's but we would like to acknowledge the contributions he made in the early years of the firm. Our thoughts are with Mikes family at this time.

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Article taken from: Vintage Bike Magazine, Vol 2009-3, Summer 2012, By Dick Harris.

Trying out an AMAL Premier Carburetter, in real life.

"It appears that one of the most problematic things about keeping Brit Bikes running properly is the carburetors. The old Amals are prone to warpage and wear, not to mention fuel leakage, etc. Well, help is on the way! No, not from Mikuni or some other make, which will introduce problems of their own.

This hope is the new Amal Premier from the Burlen Company, which took over building Amal carburetors. I was fortunate to get a couple of these "premiers" from John Healy of Coventry Spares to give them a real world trial.

When they arrived...

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AGM Burlen Batteries

08/11/2013 12:13

We are extending our successful range of Burlen batteries to offer 12 volt and 6 volt batteries suitable for most Classic and many modern motorcycles.
The new batteries use Absorbed Glass Matt construction and valve regulation to provide a maintenance free battery with excellent performance and life. AGM batteries typically will self discharge 1% to 3% of their charge per month. The discharge rate of traditional lead acid batteries is around 1% per day!
The design of the valve regulation system means that the batteries can be positioned on their side if required, do not leak acid and do not discharge gas when being charged.
AGM batteries provide excellent cranking charge for electric starters, even in cold temperatures. Batteries are available for classic and modern motorcycles.
Information required for ordering:

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AMALminium Premier Carbs

08/11/2013 12:11

The AMAL Carburetter Company, (Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd), the world’s sole manufacturers of all genuine new AMAL Carburetters and spares, are pleased to announce the launch of a new Lightweight Premier Carburetter in Aluminium.

As a further step in the improvement and development of their carburetters AMAL are now offering special light weight versions of their 600 Series Premier carburetters with the body and float bowl cast in aluminium. The carburetters include all the parts developed by AMAL for the Premier carburetter – hard anodised aluminium throttle valve, ethanol resistant Stay-up float, removable pilot Jet and aluminium needle valve and have been comprehensively tested on the road and have already clocked up several trials successes. Genuine AMAL jets guarantee accuracy and consistency of performance.

The carburetters are available with bore diameters of 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm and 27mm and both right-hand and left-hand versions are available. The aluminium carburetter offers a weight reduction of around  ¾ lb over  the traditional zinc alloy type.

The carburetters can be supplied to standard specifications or customised to suit individual requirements and are supplied with the usual two year AMAL warranty, backed by our technical advice service available to all AMAL customers.

Available now directly from the AMAL Carburetter Company via telephone on 01722 412500 or by email at info@amalcarb.co.uk


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HD Spindle Seal Kit

08/11/2013 12:06

Due to the effect of ethanol on cork we have devised a new method of sealing the throttle spindle seals on HD carburetters.

The kit consists of 2 ‘rubber’ seals and two spacers (enough for one carb). The rubber seal is placed on the spindle with the lip towards the carb body and the retainer is then pressed into the spindle housing until flush with the body.

The new seals give an efficient seal against air leaks which will not degrade in Ethanol added fuels.

Note; The bore of the retainer is larger than that of the spindle so as to give a clearance. The existing seal system kits are still available under part number WZX 994.

WZX 966 - HD Spindle Seal Kit - Click here to buy online

Spindle Kit

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AMAL have re-introduced the Type 16 “Standard” Touring twist grip, the popular choice fitted by leading British motorcycle manufacturers from the 1940s to the 1960s. The Twist Grip, which has a polished aluminium finish rather than the original chrome, is manufactured to a high standard using the original AMAL drawings to ensure accuracy. The correct Imperial sizes of threads and bolts ensure that the twist grip is ready for installation and should not require any additional fettling.

Type 16 Twist Grip

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Most of the new Amal Premier carburetters are supplied with a pilot jet 622/502-17 which replicates the proportions of the earlier pressed in pilot bush. A range of alternative premier jets are now available from 622/502-15 up to 622/502-23 to enable the enthusiast to fine tune the pilot circuit.

Premier Pilot Jet

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GP Carburetter Banjos

23/07/2013 12:53

14/249 a single and 14/250 a 90 degree double threaded banjo are now available from the AMAL Carburetter Company. The banjos are cast in aluminium with ¼” BSP threads for attachment of fuel lines and can be used with Type 302 and 504 float chambers, and bottom feed Type 14 remote racing float chambers.

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OM Air filter Intake

23/07/2013 12:39

Derived from an AMAL product this air screen has been adapted to fit the 1” SU OM Type Carburettor. Consisting of 3 gauze screens to provide some protection and engine. It is secured to the body of the carburettor by 3 grub screws. Size 3” Dia. 1 ¼” Deep.

OM Air Filter

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The original AMAL Type 313 Double Rotor Positive Stop Twist Grip was previously manufactured from 1949 to 1967.  Originally designed to meet the requirements of machines fitted with twin carburetters and supplied with optional positive stop for racing or sports machines, the Twist Grip is a faithful reproduction of the original, manufactured to a high standard using the original AMAL drawings to ensure accuracy. The correct Imperial sizes of threads and bolts ensure that the polished aluminium twist grip is ready for installation and should not require any additional fettling.

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AMAL T Bar Throttle stops

21/05/2013 09:32

Now available to Norton and Velocette owners is the original "T" Bar fast idle throttle stop (RKC/603).  They feature on our new 276 carburetters.

T bar

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Welcome to our new webstore

22/02/2013 11:32

After many years of faithful service, we thought it was finally time to retire the old site and replace it with a slicker, more advanced website.

We’ve refreshed the design and layout and have restructured our product catalogue into, what we hope, is a more enjoyable online shopping experience. We’ve also linked our news sections in with our social media activity which will keep you informed on what we’re up to. Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook and add us on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest news, if you’re into that sort of thing!

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